3D Wheel Alignment

Here at Bolton Road Tyres we have invested in the latest, award winning 'Hunter Hawk Eye' Premium 4 Wheel Computer Wheel Alignment system with the latest version of CodeLink®. It has four high definition digital cameras, which provide continuous alignment measurements and within seconds create a 3D image of your suspension measurements allowing us to quickly and accurately adjust your vehicle's alignment and geometry within its manufacturer's specifications from the thousands of models held within the software database, even American and Japanese import specifications can be obtained via the Hunter webspec direct from the US to the UK in seconds…


This equipment offers 'Total Alignment' which is far more accurate than most garages offering standard tracking or laser alignment. Our Equipment is equipped with CodeLink® Many new models have a steering wheel angle sensor on the steering wheel. The CodeLink® diagnostics equipment enables us to calibrate and reset the vehicles steering wheel geometry to ensure the steering wheel is perfectly centralised.


We are one of the only garages in the Lancashire area to have this new technology to offer our customers.


Please visit www.alignmycar.co.uk for more information about a Hunter wheel alignment.

Hunter Wheel Alignment live reading screenshot

When was the last time you checked your cars alignment? Studies show that for maximum performance of your vehicle you should have your alignment checked at least once a year.

Keeping tabs on your vehicles alignment can benefit you in many ways. How you ask? Here are a few bullet points that might interest you.

1. Reduce Tire Wear: 

One of the biggest causes of premature tire wear is an improper alignment. Over long periods of time, a properly aligned vehicle can add thousands of miles to the tire life.

2. Better Gas Mileage: 

If your vehicle has an improper alignment your gas mileage is suffering as well. When all four wheels are not aligned, it is causing the car to exert more power to drive forward, therefore using more gas. If any alignment anomalies occur in your inspection, the machine will set all 4 wheels parallel. This along with proper inflation will let your car go that extra mile past the pump.

3. Improved Handling: 

Do you constantly have to turn your wheel to one side because your car pulls a certain way? Our alignment service will fix many of the handling issues your vehicle has.

4. Safer Driving, Saving you Money: 

With every alignment check a suspension system inspection is preformed. Just like any other inspection this will detect any worn parts you have before they cause serious problems.